1. Maximum two teams allowed from each college..

2. Participants are requested to be in formal attire on both the days.

3. Punctuality and discipline are of primary concern

4. The decision of judges will be final and binding by all regards.

5. Participants are requested to be technically equipped with laptop, pen drives and dongles

6. Registration fee shall be Rs. 300 (per head) for In-station teams and Rs. 700 (per head) for out-station teams (inclusive of 1-day accommodation)

7. The registration counter shall be open from 8:00AM to 8:30AM, 6 March ,2024 and all the participants are requested to report at the registration desk on time.

8. Participants are requested to produce their Bonafide certificate at the time of registration

9. Engaging in any form of misconduct or misbehavior will result in the disqualification of the team.

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