Greater Adria


Goodbye Atlantis, Hello "Greater Adria'. Take a hike along the mountain belts scattered around the Adriatic Sea, and you may find yourself clambering across the crumpled leftovers of a long-lost continent. "Forget Atlantis. Without realising it, vast numbers of tourists spend their holiday each year on the lost continent of Greater Adria", As you forgot looking your life through the lens. Describing every single detail, through every leaf vein to capturing every single moment of your life through the reels. Have a greater view of the mountains through the lens. Why just watch Greater Adria through eyes? Where you can capture it through the third eye. 'This is "Photography" cause every single moment Matters'.

Student Co-ordinators:
RAHUL HURTIS - +918970584419
DRUSHYA D - +919900330138