South America
(Human Resource)


"You're not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation." | The town of Purmamarea in Northern Argentina is famous for its Hill of Seven Colours (Cerro de los Siete Colores) Similar to the hill of Purmamarca, a Human resources manager is known for his 7 main qualities namely, Quick decisions, Integrity, Patience, Sympathetic Attitude, Leadership, Communication skills, and Formal Authority. When given the proper tools and the trust to empower and make decision. It can be one of the most vital voices at the table. Always stay close to success just like how Ecuador is the closest country to the sun, It's time to show what you can achieve through your skills and talents and build the business. Get ready to face challenges and show us how you could juggle and ace it. "May the force be in your favour, so here we are to guide you through it."

Student Co-ordinators:
DIELLE SOANS - +919481388222
PRISHA P RAJ - +918217228909